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Jim Ottaviani On Artists Vs. Retailers When It Comes To Helping The CBLDF
posted June 12, 2010

When talking about why it's easier for artists to support the CBLDF with a donation of their work than it is for retailers with a donation of money, Brian wrote: "I don't want to say this takes no effort or no money out of their pocket. But it takes less than money to a certain extent, because you're using your god-given talent rather than opening your wallet and taking money and putting it on the table."

I'm not sure what he didn't want to say, because what he did say sounds shortsighted and foolish, and surprising coming from someone who called other retailers shortsighted and foolish just two sentences prior to the one quoted above. Talent may be god-given, but the actual skill that makes an artist's work a salable commodity for the CBLDF -- or anyone else -- is paid for with time and effort. The time an artist spent getting to the point where the CBLDF would actually want a sketch, and the time spent on the sketch itself, is worth a great deal, and more than most artists charge.

Other than that, I thought this was a great interview, and I appreciated reading both your and Brian's thoughts.