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Robert Faires On More Opportunities To Read About Harvey Pekar
posted July 15, 2010

Thanks so much for including the Austin Chronicle's archive of reviews and stories that Harvey wrote for the our paper. I'm still kind of amazed that that a little weekly in Texas had a relationship with this guy from Cleveland that stretched across 20 years.

Anyway, with the new issue out today, we also have a remembrance of Harvey from the paper's editor, Louis Black, who's known Harvey for decades, and one from our Music Editor, Raoul Hernandez, who spent 10 years editing Harvey's music writing and writes about a dinner he had with Harvey on a trip to Cleveland just three weeks ago. For the last, I got to do an illustration of The Man himself. For what it's worth, I had an idea for a different illo that I tossed out at the weekly editorial meeting, but I didn't have the guts to draw it: Harvey lying on a slab, but with the thought balloon, "So that's it?" More than one person told me that they thought Harvey would have liked it.

I had the opportunity to work with Harvey as an editor a couple of times myself. I'm so glad for it, this week more than ever, but I have to say, when the receptionist would announce over the intercom, "Call from Harvey Pekar," there was always a little bit of dread that ran through me. A sweet guy but those phone calls could be a workout.