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Oscar Gonzalez On Gabriel Vargas
posted June 1, 2010

Thankyou for your report, it´s nice to see Don Gabriel appreciated. I know it´s not easy trying to assimilate a diferent comic's tradition but you did a very good job.

As for corrections, I didn't spot any. Over the years the "official" myth is what you wrote. He came to Mexico City as a very young child, with his mother, when his father died. He dooddle all the time. His mother told him once that she didn't want him to end up a "pinta monos" (can't come up with an adecuate translation, maybe doodler). Then came the contest he won, his refusal to abandon his family for an arts scholarship in France, him being an editor at a newspaper at a very young age. He wrote and draw a Jesus Christ biography that led him to jail because of anti-catholic politics of those years. Then he created "Los Superlocos" with Jilemón Metralla as the main character, some say, as a response to Germán Butze's "Los Supersabios".

It was over Jilemón Metralla that a fried challenge him to come up with a more successful character, and he created Borola Tacuche de Burrón and the rest of La Familia Burrón.

There has been a number of recollections of "La Familia Burrón" in book format (only the second volume, that is from the 70's onward). Here's a link from Editorial Porrúa, the publishing company:

I couldn't find much info in english. Save this one from AP, that you may already know: