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Alexandre Su On CR’s Own, Personal Wildstorm
posted December 27, 2010

I very much enjoyed reading the Wildstorm wrap-up. If nothing else, it's the single imprint/universe that grew up a bit in tone, which is what the general superhero buying public was doing and convinced itself it wanted -- without butting too badly against the limits of superheros. Which is to say, even though it usually translated to comics being more violent and graphic and Mary Marvel wearing black and flashing people and all that, Sleeper and the rest seemed to get to managed to bring some extra titillation without leaving me feeling ridiculous.

The only point I'd differ is with your assessment of the Smax mini. I liked it, and I'll have to consider it again sometime with the urban living idea, but the incest thing did put me off. I'm sure a bit is just the topic itself, but I just don't think it worked that well. This is probably unfair, but I also imagine that Alan Moore was working on Lost Girls at the time, and in the same way he's spoken of working on Watchmen affecting Killing Joke and I think Smax is him falling for a set of ideas more deeply than I would. Sexuality and stories is all over his ABC work, and an eagerness to embrace it openly in all forms as well. But form me at least its a sort of intellectual embrace, and this and the Golliwog in the Black Dossier hit my limits. And I write this as a big fan of Promethea, which was all about being about stories.

My own personal version of this list would probably include The Winter Men as well, but then my love of that title is partly from what it wasn't. I'm waiting for when more folks can tell stories like that without any superhuman trappings, if they choose, comfortably at least, if not profitably.