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Tim O’Shea On CR’s Holiday Interview Series
posted January 9, 2011

I love the holiday interviews. Thanks for doing such stellar work that also makes me feel inadequate about my interview skills around the first of the year. They also always make me work harder at my craft.

Do you conduct these throughout the year or just work like hell on them in November and December?

Amazing and insightful, as is all your work.

Tom Spurgeon: Thanks, Tim. Your letters are always so nice. I start the interviews way too late and then whine and beg until smart, articulate people make up for my lack of proper planning. The big shift this year was that there was no lull in industry news for these interviews to kind of play against. As a result, I imagine in 2011 the interviews will be restricted to the Sunday to Sunday stretch that encompasses Christmas and New Year's Day, and that we'll run interviews on the holidays themselves -- December 18 through January 1. I hope to do five or six of those interviews in advance, because my current strategy cost me a few interviews, I think.