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Mark Coale On The Deluge Of Captain America Titles
posted March 27, 2011


I noticed, when reading the Marvel solicits, there's a book by Roger Stern called "captain america corps."

I can only assume this means Red Cap and White Cap and Blue Cap all join together to fight someone.

BTW, I don't know if this is something you've noticed or even care about, but the thing about the Cap movie (and now accompanying comics tie-in) I find perplexing is that it apparently doesn't have Nazis in it. If you look at all the pre-release hype, be it photos or stories, Cap is always fighting Hydra agents and Hydra Agents dressed in German uniforms. If you look at the leaked photos of the Skull, he appears to be wearing an SS uniform but with the hydra logo in place of the Swastika.

Have we reached a day when we can't use Nazis as bad guys in a movie set in WWII? Surely the German box office isn't worth ruining the verisimilitude of a war movie?

Update From Mark Coale: Between time I sent this to you and now, Brevoort answered the "nazi/hydra" question.

Basically, yes, there are Nazis in the movie, hydra is subset of some Nazi branch and they substitute Hydra for Nazis in kids stuff like the cartoon and whatnot (that was what I kind of assumed, but hadn't seen anyone say it in print).