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Patrick Ford On Racist Obama Cartoons
posted April 28, 2011

Tom, It's really very. very easy to see the racist intent of many cartoons aimed at Obama.

The Obama as a monkey or ape theme has showed up in cartoons for two years now, and there are still people pretending it's an innocent misunderstanding.

What happens of course is that when the blatant racism is pointed out, the right wing storms in indignantly to remind us of Abe Lincoln, and the old Democratic South.

What enables this type of nonsense is many people on what's seen as "the left" are far to polite. There really isn't anything worth debating on the issue. Republicans have made it a calculated part of their strategy to appeal to racist white people for decades now. That doesn't mean all Republicans are racist, but I'd argue any person on the right both who perhaps isn't a racist, but who promotes and defends racist attitudes as part of some calculated political gamesmanship is an even worse person than the racists they are manipulating, and coddling.