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Kim Thompson On Tabary And Iznogoud
posted August 22, 2011

About the Tabary-drawn Iznogoud, Tom does not mention that eight volumes of the series are available from in English (as published by the indefatigable Cinebook), and I recommend that any Euro-comics fan pick up at least one of them. You can get 'em new for ten bucks or less, going down to less than three bucks plus postage from the second-handers.

Not only was Tabary a terrific, very energetic draftsman in the classical European tradition, René Goscinny's scripts are stellar examples of creating endless variations on the same basic plot that manage to be both surprising and satisfyingly predictable. (The closest domestic example I can think of are the Chuck Jones Coyote/Roadrunner cartoons.) I love both Goscinny's Asterix and his Lucky Luke, but each Iznogoud story is little compressed jewel of comedy engineering.