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W. Dal Bush Of Challengers Comics On Grant Morrison X-Men Collections
posted September 26, 2011

From "This Isn't A Library," Sept 16:

Is this material not all in print in trade form? I can't believe that's the case. Anyway, Morrison's X-Men comics were pretty fun although I don't think he stuck the landing.
This is actually the 5th time Marvel's collected Grant Morrison's X-Men run. First as a series of 3 oversized hardcovers, second as a series of 7 softcovers, third as a hardcover Omnibus, fourth as a series of 3 Ultimate Collection softcovers, currently as a series of 7 (or 8) Graphic Novels. Marvel's Graphic Novel size is smaller than a trade paperback, larger than a digest. Roughly the size of a Scholastic or First Second young adult softcover. That's the significance of the GN TP in the listing, it's in the Graphic Novel size. To my knowledge, the GN printing is the only way that material is in print, outside of some leftover copies of Ultimate Collection volumes 2 and 3.

After reading that paragraph, I'm going to assume you're sorry you asked. Yes, it is super fun to stock Marvel collections.