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D. Ray On The Jerry Bails Award
posted September 27, 2011

At the end of the article on the 2011 Shel Dorf Awards there was the following line "Additionally, Randy Scott won something called the Jerry Bails Award." Seriously "something called" ???? Now I certainly hope that somebody at the Comics Reporter knows who Jerry Bails was, if not look him up and give him the respect he deserves. The article took the time to let people know who Shel was the same should have been done for Mr. Bails.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: Thank you for being enough of a regular reader to suggest that I have a staff of people working on these things. Look, I knew Jerry Bails; I don't know the award. I think that's pretty clear, or else I would have written "an awards named after someone called Jerry Bails" rather than a sentence where "something" is clearly in reference to the forthcoming noun "award." As for tracking down the award, an awards program that waits a full two days before even posting its results doesn't really garner a lot of passion from me in terms of my wanting to track down what their previously unannounced honors mean in the 150 minutes a day I have to work on CR. As it is, I think I'm the only news source that listed category nominees and linked them all up, so I'm not going to lose any sleep about not doing right by them. Sorry for any confusion, and congratulations to Mr. Scott for winning an award named after a fine gentleman, whatever the reason he won it.