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Evan Dorkin On CR’s Review Of Captain America #213-214
posted October 5, 2011

I just finished up the Kirby Captain America Omnibus the other day (thank heavens for store credit) and those crazy comics really hold up for me. They seem simple and dopey if you need your superhero comics to be hip but I can't read the hip stuff from that era, or the Stan Lee via SF fandom takes of Roy Thomas. The funny thing re: Nick Fury's absence is that he's mentioned several times in the run but I don't think he's ever seen, Cap and the Falcon report to nameless agents and superiors that were apparently cast from the old Warner Brothers character actor pool. The entire run is goofy but epic and I might like these comics more now than I even did as a kid buying them off the rack. As a kid I loved them but I was bothered that Kirby sidestepped Marvel continuity and did things like have a new, weird bunch of Evil Mutants (with dopey names like Burner and Lifter) back up Magneto. Now I could give a shit. One Arnim Zola is worth a lot of so-called relevant comics in my book. And the Bicentennial Battle book and the Space Vampire annual are still both batshit awesome.

BTW, the Night Flyer's nutso self-motivation monologues are pretty hilarious/great.