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Tim O’Neil On John Byrne’s Latest Comics
posted October 23, 2011

If you do get the chance, Byrne's latest stuff is actually really good. It's odd, it seems as if having to work in the proverbial wildnerness this past few years has worked for him: his Next Men revival was actually really good. It's very much hard sci-fi in a way that no one else in comics is really doing right now, a very difficult time-travel narrative dependent on years of familiarity with these characters that he isn't trying to dumb-down in any way. I'm surprised that no one's been talking about it, because I think his Next Men book is a lot more interesting -- and downright weird in places, with a lot of potentially inflammatory stuff about race and sex thrown in -- than any of the by-the-numbers Chaykin books that seem to be gaining so much press and praise among the usual suspects. But I was never that big of a Chaykin fan to begin with so take that for what you will.