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Jonathan Hastings On The Gary Friedrich Situation
posted February 15, 2012

The injustice of Marvel's treatment of Jack Kirby (and his heirs) was so huge that my reaction had always been along the lines of "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown". So, while I nodded along with the arguments made by people like James Sturm in calling for a Marvel boycott, ultimately it seemed to me to be the kind of everyday corporate sociopathy that most people make some kind of peace with. However, Marvel's treatment of Gary Friedrich, while maybe not as big a deal in the absolute sense as their treatment of Kirby, hit me -- viscerally -- like a punch in the gut. It struck me as being kind of evil, rather than just callously amoral. On a human level this seems like a shitty, vindictive, petty way for Marvel to handle the situation. Anyway, I've been reading Marvel comics for the last thirty years of my life, but this was the last straw: I'm done with them. And though I'm one of the world's biggest fans of the great American auteurs Neveldine/Taylor, I'll be skipping their new Ghost Rider movie, too.