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Chris Allen On This Site’s 21 Not-Exactly-Original Thoughts On Before Watchmen
posted February 15, 2012

What a great piece. Among many fine observations, I really liked the one about how we cut a corporation more slack than we would a person. Do you remember around 2001 or so, maybe later, there were lots of articles/posts about how the creator had become more important than the character (Bendis, Morrison, Millar, etc.), which I guess was just a cycle that repeats itself every 10 years and then companies reassert their power. Why more folks have forgotten the valuable work Moore has given or just give him the respect any artist deserves and a little sympathy for being screwed is sad, as you say. You see it brewing with people who claim to be Morrison fans as well, this very “what have you done for me lately?” attitude that doesn’t take into account that a) all artists worth anything have some failures and b) it’s probably difficult to produce good work under the conditions at DC these days.