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Ken Eppstein On Valiant’s Talking Comic Book Cover
posted February 29, 2012

Saw your blurb about Valiant's talking comic cover. (Don't worry, they speak to me as well)

So, are they putting in one of those greeting card speakers? Here's a story: The LP version of the Jack White produced comeback album for rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson had a talking gatefold cover using one of those greeting card recorders. When you opened it up it played a really distorted clip from her version of "Shakin' All Over."

When I went in to a buddy's record shop to buy my copy, I hadn't heard about this gimmick. He told me all about it as I shelled out my cash and ended his description with "Man... I'd really like to see the look on someone's face when they open up the book and are surprised by the sudden blast of music." Completely oblivious to the fact that he had an open copy of the record himself and could've sprang the surprise novelty on me himself.