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Xavier Lowenthal On Katz
posted March 7, 2012

In your article, you seem to fully agree with your chronicler Dan Nadel and to ignore the entire polemic that started from the publication of Katz, showing, at least, the coherence and relevance of the questions it asks.

If Mr Dan Nadel has, of course, the right to dislike that detournement, or even to think it is irrelevant and lazy, I think you should also consider other opinions and reactions, that are quite many. I would agree, of course, to answer your questions about that statement, if you will.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: Thanks for the letter. You're welcome to write letters to the site and provide as many links or as many statements as you'd like in them. I'll run them all. Dan Nadel works for a rival publication and the idea that linking to someone's statement is some sort of enthusiastic endorsement of that statement is so outdated and silly I don't know how to respond to it. I'm going to run Bart Beaty's article on the piece later today. As I'm writing this, I have no idea what Bart's position is, but I'm as happy to run it just as I'm happy to run a link to Dan's piece and whatever letters and arguments you want to send in.