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Zak Sally On Sammy The Mouse Vol. 1 Release Events (PR)
posted March 8, 2012

SAMMY THE MOUSE Vol 1 RELEASE EVENTS, with Dale Flattum and John Porcellino, march 2012

hey all-- a couple things coming up celebrating the "hard" release (that is, the book actually hitting stores) of Sammy The Mouse Vol. 1.
all these events are with my good pal Dale Flattum, who's promoting his fantastic book TOOTH:


friday March 16
signing/ talk at Minneapolis' best independent bookstore, Magers and Quinn. Dale and myself will be doing a little presentation thing, followed by a Q&A with local art man/ best beard in the midwest Andy Sturdevant.
starts at 7:30

saturday march 17
Big Table Studio
in lovely St. Paul.
Dale and myself will take over the front window, plant some chairs, have polite conversation and sell some books.
starts at 7pm

then the FOLLOWING weekend, we're hitting CHICAGO, except now we're making JOHN PORCELLINO do stuff WITH US!

friday, march 23
all 3 of us doing a signing/talk and presentation at the great QUIMBY'S bookstore. this is going to be really fun, so show up.
starts at 7pm

and finally,
saturday, march 24
a big ART SHOW featuring -- you guessed it -- the 3 of us called PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

it's happening at Rational Park,
(in conjunction with Johalla Projects.)
7-11 pm

the show/ event will showcase the fact that all 3 of us work primarily with REPRODUCTIONS (zines comix, posters etc), rather than stuff you look at on a wall and buy. so, Dale will make a godawful racket on his wall, John P will be showing original pages from King-Cat (this is a pretty rare thing), and i'll be putting up ALL 96 PAGES of Sammy the Mouse vol 1.
in addition to the books, there'll also be some special stuff for sale-- prints, some original art, John's Fuzzy Box/ Fuckin Dork and Dale's BRILLO and FLUXUS boxes, both of which have to be seen to be believed.

one night only, people.

come to any of them, come to all of them. tell your enemies. --zak