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Matthew Wanderski On The Five For Friday About Future Grand Prix Of Angouleme Winners
posted March 13, 2012

I found it interesting that, if I didn't miss something, not a single respondent to the topic picked any cartoonists from the same country; every single entry is composed of cartoonists from five (or more) countries. Yet, your instructions do not name this as a restriction, and my vast research into the award (I read one Wikipedia article) gives no sign that recipients' countries can't be repeated within any time range. Indeed, France, like, usually wins eighty-thousand years in a row.

As for the cartoonists named, the respondents came up a lotta good ones! Just about the only ones with whom I can't agree are the ones I simply don't know! Particularly nice to see someone choose Alex Nino. Now there's a unique, extremely talented and quite under-heralded cartoonist.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: Thanks. I actually added that restriction so I wouldn't get 10,000 entries. It happens. I agree that Alex Nino is wonderful!