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Patrick Ford On The Group Think About Underappreciated Cartoonists
posted March 16, 2012

Tom, I'm having a hard time with this, and it's not all that clear to me exactly what the parameters are. In fact Tim Holder seems to be as confused as I am. This morning he said you were asking for the names of people who deserve more recognition, where as you said you were looking for people who are under appreciated.

Your list seems to lean more towards people who are obscure, which is closer to deserving of more recognition than under appreciated.

You also mention people who you would like to know more about. That would include some very big names. Aside from Martin Goodman's circulation manager, what about Goodman?
Goodman seems to be an almost total mystery. How on Earth did he go from "hobo" to publisher? Are there other hobo's who became publishers? How does that work. In fact where does the hobo story come from?

Anyhow for obscure: The colourists who worked for Dell in the '40s, '50s, and '60s. Look at any Jesse Marsh Tarzan and the colours are sensational.

Tom Spurgeon: Conversation is an inexact science, and if you can't glean enough of a clue from the 800-1000 words I put up on top of these things, maybe that's a feature that's not for you. Sorry, man.