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Alan Doane on Watchmen
posted March 21, 2012

Good for you for pointing out how ridiculous it is to state that Watchmen is generally accepted as the best superhero comic book ever, or however it's being framed. Watchmen may be the best-KNOWN or most-BOUGHT superhero comic book ever (although sales figures in the 1940s might beg to differ), but it's not the best superhero comic book, and no one I have ever known in comics has ever said that. It strikes me as a wild statement by a young, uninformed and undereducated commentator looking to stir up shit. Christ help us all if anyone really actually believes either that Watchmen is the best superhero comic book ever, or even just that that is the conventional wisdom. It's not even the best Alan Moore superhero comic book, for fuck's sake -- Marvelman, Swamp Thing, that Superman Annual, Supreme, Captain Britain and Top Ten are all better written and more narratively satisfying. I'll chalk it up to the ignorance of youth that anyone could make such an idiotic and blinkered claim, and hope that such judgments are left in the future to people who've actually read a lot of good superhero comic books before speaking so imprudently.