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Michael Grabowski On The Corto Maltese Reprint Story
posted March 24, 2012

I think the story, if there is one, in the reception to this new Corto Maltese edition, Someday Funnies, Batman Year One, etc., is that there is really no longer an easy way for a potential buyer to evaluate in advance whether or not the production values will affect his or her enjoyment of the book. Unless one lives near a particularly good comics shop or a well-stocked Barnes & Noble, you simply won’t find these books in person. An online preview is no substitute for paging through the physical book. The interested reader has to gamble on an online purchase based on whatever internet commentary is most easily available. That’s not a fun way to experience comics. It can’t be good for a publisher whose sales are probably largely dependent on word-of-web. It’s good that the bar has been raised for what readers expect in economical reproduction quality, but with little opportunity for people to judge the actual book for themselves prior to buying it, will publishers get gun shy about committing to reprint worthy work if internet buzz is going to work against getting it in peoples’ hand