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Michael May On Characters And Their Creators Month
posted April 11, 2012

Hi, Tom.

I appreciated your Lessons Learned post about linking creators and characters. One of the biggest reasons is that it reminded me to thank you for the great "three characters" posts this month and the spur towards mentioning creators over companies in my own writing. It's not only changed the way I write; it's also changed the way I read other people's coverage to the point that I now cringe when I read references to Image's this or Archaia's that. Even with companies that primarily publish creator-owned material, the tendency still seems to be to refer to the comics as if the company came up with them. I've done it myself many times, so again: thanks for the reminder that that's not cool.

I'm still struggling though with how much attention to give publishers. Though I'd always prefer for credit to go to the creator, it's also true that the publisher affects the comics I buy and write about. I'm much more likely to pay attention to a company that's published a lot of stuff I like than I am to one that's slogged out a bunch of crap. I know I'm not alone in this, so I'm trying to figure out how valuable it is to also mention publishers in comics conversations and how to balance that with mentioning creators. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have any about that.

Thanks again for the thought-provoking posts,