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Michael Grabowski On Last Weekend’s Five For Friday
posted April 23, 2012

I was amused by last Friday/Sunday's topic that identified villains by publisher in a format that excluded the villain's creator. This seemed to run counter to your efforts last month and ongoing to ID characters and creators. If that was deliberate, it was a good gag. I would probably go to the theater to see a movie called Marvel's Circus of Crime! If associating publishers with \"their" villains as opposed to heroes wasn't deliberate, it was at least serendipitously timely (not to say Timely).

Tom Spurgeon: That was my bad; I was sick and got stuck for a FFF feature kind of last minute, and I thought that separating it by publisher would at least make it more difficult for people than naming, say, five classic Marvel characters. I'll do my best to add the creators' names some time this week. Always happy to amuse a reader.