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Marc Arsenault On Accentuating The Positive
posted April 16, 2012

I read the whole thing! Your responders are all, to the man, crazy people!

I wanted to respond. I thought "here's an FFF tailor made for me". Then I noticed the headline. Positive. I've spent a good amount of time lately getting caught up with an industry I was not very closely involved with for a full decade. With that kind of a long view to have to absorb, positive may be very much on the table with an outlook to the future for me, but sadly lacking at this exact moment, and seems to have been slipping away for some time as the industry as a whole is concerned. That said, it was very interesting to read what people had to say.

I think it is your civic duty to recommend Kiel Phegley for psychiatric treatment, based mainly on this statement:
3. For the first time maybe ever, the major art comix publishers have a variety of marketplaces through which to ply their wares and don't have to rely on the Direct Market/public pleas for last minute sales support/pornography projects to stay solvent.
I wish I could go to Kiel's happy place. A place where most of those publishers hadn't shut down and all their distributors hadn't closed as well (apart from Diamond and the regular book distributors... oh, and Last Gasp, who probably still owes them all money).

Anyway, that was my little rant. This is very much not for publication in any form. Like with my comic shop customer thing, I'll have plenty more to say myself soon (thanks for the link on that! I've had a surprising lack of feedback, but quite a bit of traffic on it).