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Ken Eppstein On The Whole Kirby/Avengers Flap
posted May 7, 2012

You know what I find interesting about the whole creator vs. corporation discussion? The almost complete lack of "what I would do different" on the part of people like me trying to their own thing. Isn't the point of examining historical injustices figuring out a way around them going forward?

I of course speak for anybody else, but I put a lot of thought into that before I ever cut a check for an artist. What am I buying with that check exactly? Am I making the expectations of what I'm buying clear to the artist? Am I avoiding the pitfalls of the folks who've tread these grounds before me?

The sad fact is that we have little control over what big corporations do to their creators. What we do have control over is how we treat our partners today and going forward. Y'know... I don't want to be the next Stan Lee, I want to be the guy who did Stan one better. Sadly, that lesson seems to be lost in the hubbub.