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Jim Keefe On The Comics-Makers That Created The Avengers
posted May 14, 2012

Just saw the following on the CNN website.

"But long before the film's astronomical success, the 3-D glasses, the action figures and the sponsorship deals, there was the the imagination of one man -- Stan Lee."

Thank you -- thank you -- thank you for the following:

I've been linking to it like a crazy person today.

Cargill should take a course in researching his articles before going to press.

I think this is the tipping point for me.

The dichotomy of Lee's smirking face next to all the GREAT ARTISTS who've died as charity cases -- just makes me sick.

I know Lee didn't create the corporate policies that threw these artists under the bus -- but he sure could have taken more of a stand to these artists to whom he owes such a HUGE debt.