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Iestyn Pettigrew On Elfquest In Series Form
posted June 12, 2012

It was funny reading that Elfquest was a foundational comic for you. I started reading Elfquest as a kid when the 2nd issue was published by Epic comics.

I really loved that series and still do. It's what really helped pushed me into COLLECTING comics rather than reading them. I used to get them from my local comic shop (a stall in our local market in Newport, a town in Wales).

That series was so exciting because it was obviously much more mature, obviously having an intellectual purpose behind the story. I always felt when something had subtext as this sort of mysterious and exciting thing. I'd call it gravitas now but at the time it just felt like a magical glimpse at adulthood.

I only found out much later that there were 2 follow on series and I was so excited about them.

Funnily though, I read Groo at the same time. That was a great series as well.