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Andrew Horton On The Lack Of Coverage For The Wizard Of Id Reprint Project At Titan
posted July 4, 2012

I'm curious why no one (within the comicsblogosphere) has ever seemed to talk about the recent Titan collection of Wizard Of Id strips. That seems to me to have been a fairly major syndicated strip of the past 35 years. The early (let's say first 8) years of it were a pretty solid collection of gags in the Borscht Belt humor tradition, with a solid grouping of comic archetypes. The fact that its spirit weakened in the past 20 years can be mirrored by other early '70s success story strips such as Tumbleweeds that lost their original impetus after the first decade or so of syndication. (By the way, where is the love for Little No-No & Sniffy)?

Those early Me-decade strips fascinate me. Apart from Cathy & Garfield, they seem to have had little-to-no impact upon the syndication scene. Or am I wrong?

Tom Spurgeon Responds: I couldn't tell you exactly why there hasn't been much discussion of that book; it could be that there was little to no attempt to get it into anyone's hands -- there's a lot of material out there right now. I think if you toss in Hagar the Horrible, which was '72 or '73, and then realize how many strips from the 1960s acted as holdovers into the 1970s, like the Parker/Hart stuff, it doesn't seem like an empty period at all. And Doonesbury was syndicated after the decade turned, so you get that one, too.