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Lorrain Chamberlain On S. Clay Wilson’s Recent Birthday
posted July 27, 2012

Thanks so much for the great birthday greeting to Wilson on the Comics Reporter page. I'll print it and take it to him tomorrow. I took him some presents & a cake & flowers today and made a feeble attempt to decorate his room. He managed to blow out the candles himself, but I suspect he might have forgotten to make a wish before doing so! Ah well....I've been secretly making lots of wishes on his behalf for years now, so maybe one of them will come true some day, right?

I posted some photos of today's gala event on the S Clay Wilson page on Facebook, as well as my own FB page. I'll put them on the Special Needs Trust website tomorrow ( Frankly, I need to get off this computer, eat something, and lie down. I'm bushed, which is why I'll tackle the complicated task of posting photos on there tomorrow. (I keep forgetting how to do it.)

Again, thanks for reminding people about Wilson. He was perky today, and really touched by all the cards & gifts I brought him today, along with the emails & posts from FB I printed out to read to him while he ate some cake.

I hope to bring him home on August 2nd if all the arrangements are made properly by then. We're both looking forward to leaving that nursing facility in our dust!