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Darryl Ayo On Not Taking The Time To Look At The Comics In Front Of Us
posted August 26, 2012


You're hitting something today on your twitter that has been bothering me in comics for a while. When Megan Kelso finished her ten-plus-year life's work Artichoke Tales and was in NYC promoting it, I walked up to her and asked, "What are you up to next?" like an idiot. As soon as I said it, I felt like the jerk of the year. She was cool about it but I made a personal vow not to do that again. Unless called for, of course.

We are so tied to the system of promotion and hucksterism that we can only think in terms of selling: and that means looking forward, toward the next "hit."

"You are here now, but when will you be back again?"

It is a social flaw we have where we simply cannot bear to work with what is available and in our grasp.

Part of it is spoiler-culture. We have to be considerate of those who haven't read a book so we move into common ground. Common ground is: what this cartoonist we agree upon talking about is going to do next? Now none of the participants in the conversation know any spoilers and all are on a level playing field again.

All we lose in the process is a conversation about every single book along the way.