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Brian Hibbs On Guaranteeing Your Shop Won’t Carry Certain Works
posted September 5, 2012

"If your shop carries this please count yourself a lucky individual even if you need to go get it somewhere else. "

If you do that, then you're pretty much telling your LCS to stop carrying work like this.

Especially when you're talking about work that "doesn't have wide appeal" and is formatted in such a way that it doesn't really fit on any display racks...

Tom Spurgeon Responds: I pretty much reject this idea and all of those fueling it wholeheartedly, but Brian already knows this. It's not a debate worth having in full. I will continue to be appreciative of stores that carry great material without being compelled in any way to buy specific material from them if I don't want to or prefer to buy it somewhere else. Over time, those shops have always received hundreds or even thousands of dollars more of my business than they would have by not carrying such material or making me feel like I somehow owed them a purchase for anything other than a direct promise to purchase something.