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TUCK! on Dave Sim’s Editorial In The Final Issue Of Glamourpuss
posted September 9, 2012

Too much to tweet, but here are my thoughts on Sim's editorial (for whatever they're worth).

That Sim couldn't make a go in 2012 at cartooning whatever interested him doesn't surprise me a bit (taking nothing from Sim's sensibilities); there's LOTS of cartoonists in that boat.

That Sim couldn't make a go at cartooning in 2012? Um, not so fast. I have a hard time believing the market wouldn't support a series of mini-series featuring untold stories of the Cerebus supporting cast (Moon Roach this arc, Elrod that one), with all the social commentary he'd like. (Hell, he could cast the McFleagle Brothers in a thinly-veiled retelling of the Sim/Gerhard "divorce.") Sim could keep each mini-seriesed-story-arc in print as its own TPD ("smaller" = "cheaper"), (you know, assuming he remains devoted to the whole "paper" thing) and everyone wins.

But that brings up the matter of the work finding its audience. My sense is that the folks who go to comics shops aren't the folks who would be interested in Glamourpuss (and vice versa -- the folks who would be interested don't go to comics shops). (I know I haven't set foot in my LCS since they pooched it on Cooke's "The Outfoot," but that's another story.) I found the whole Alex Raymond meditation fascinating, but if/when it wasn't downloadable, well, not much I could do there. Sim's success with his Kickstarter program shows there's still an audience for his work, and it's, you know, digital.

Or it could also be that Sim is just "done." In which case he'll still want/need a couple bucks. He could still make his previous work work for him -- look at what Dave Stevens' estate is doing with the "Rocketeer Adventures" thing.

But there are still many avenues open to him that don't end in "it's a shame it's not 1983 anymore." I do hope he finishes the Alex Raymond project.