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Jordan Hurder From Chance Press On A Comics Event At Escapist The Weekend Of September 21st
posted September 19, 2012

Hi Tom - Escapist bookstore in Berkeley (that's the shop that took over the Comic Relief backstock and started up in a smaller location elsewhere in Berkeley) is putting on a "small press fest" this weekend, and I wasn't sure if it was on your radar or not. It's a two-night event with comics readings from local cartoonists, music, shmoozing, etc. Escapist put it together on super short notice (they first contacted me about it a month or so ago), and they've managed to put together an impressive line-up in that short amount of time. I attached a poster by Thien Pham for night 2 (I don't know if there's a poster for night 1 or not - there's a friendly tongue-in-cheek rivalry between the two nights right now), plus the line-up for both nights is below.


Friday Sept 21 @ 5pm
JASON MARTIN (Runner Runner, Papercuts 17)
GEOFF VASILE (Trackrabbit)
FOURTH WAY COMICS (We Are the 99%, Dragonfly)
TESSA BRUNTON (Passage, Suck It Mussolini)
KANE LYNCH (The Relics, Laika)
JON MACY (Fearful Hunter)
JUSTIN HALL (Glamazonia, No Straight Lines)
RICK WORLEY (A Waste of Time, Douchebag of Comics)
musical guest JEN LOUIE ("nerdy acoustic punk rock")

Saturday Sept 22 @ 5pm
JOSH FRANKEL (Water Column, Real Axe)
THIEN PHAM (Level Up, Sumo)
FRED NOLAND (Black Sheep)
GABBY GAMBOA (Miss Lonelyhearts)
CHANCE PRESS (Acontextual Drawings, Furlqump, Ink Poems)
musical guest NIGHTHIKES