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Jamie Coville On Marvel Ending ASM And Its Massive Issue-Number Run
posted September 20, 2012

"* finally, I imagine there's something to say about Marvel 'ending' long-running titles for the sake of whatever comes with lower-numbered titles, but it stills seems weird."

Actually, there is nothing weird about it at all. In the past they've ended Fantastic Four, Avengers, Captain America and other long standing titles to start with a new #1, then switch the title back the original numbering to cash in on a #600 or some other issue that would likely see a small bump due to the number on the cover.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: Oh, I get it. It just still seems weird to my old-timey fan sensibilities. Also, that at this point there's market manipulation to be had and that this market manipulation is even worth doing seems odd in that it's so blatant and ephemeral.