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Eric Reynolds on Top 100 With Rankings
posted November 29, 2004

Eric Reynolds
Fantagraphics Books


I was looking at your Top 100 list on your site and wondering how much of Tezuka's Phoenix saga you've actually read. I read one of the books recently (the one set in the 31st century), but as far as I know it's the only one in English and is only like 250 pages out of 2000+. I liked it and would like to read more.

My one criticism of your list is that it's so inclusive and comprehensive that it looks more like you were trying to craft the perfect list than you were sincerely ranking your own personal favorites. Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily, it's just a feeling I had reading it. I had the same reaction when I looked at it a few months ago when I was crafting my own list for the folks in Portugal. It's a good resource, though.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: What can I say? My taste may be a wee bit vanilla. Although I think there's enough in there (Harrington, Al-Ali, Bagge) that's me. As for Phoenix, that's the closes to a hunch bet I made, according to what I've read (same as you) and about three times more than that I looked at once. I could be wrong, who knows?