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RM Rhodes On The North Bethesda Area
posted September 22, 2012

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that immediately after SPX, I was doing some research on North Bethesda and discovered that there extensive plans to renovate the area centered on the White Flint Metro.

Three of the four blocks around the convention center are slated to be redeveloped and construction has already begun on the block just north of the hotel -- Mid Pike Plaza.

I guess the answer to your complaint from the local businessmen is "Yeah, we know. We're working on it." I don't doubt that the transformation may actually take a decade to be completed, but Montgomery County is arguably one of the most affluent regions in the greater DC metro area and Rockville Pike runs through some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the county. I don't have a doubt that most of this will actually get pushed through -- Marriott is involved.

I hope that the tone of this message comes off as optimistic, not defensive. True, I went to high school down the street from the convention center and can see the building my brother used to live in from the parking lot, but I'm very much looking forward to intelligent redesign of the region. It's about time.

If the Persian restaurant you went to was next to a Persian supermarket, it is called Yekta. My family has been eating there since I was in elementary school.

I'll end by saying that I liked your minicomic.