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Greg Kelly On His Mistaken Assumption That Robby Benson Played Billy Batson on “Shazam!”
posted October 1, 2012

You posted that link to an article about the guy who played Billy Batson when he was a kid.

For the life of me, my mind became boggled beyond belief. You see for years, going back as far as watching that TV show, I thought that was a different actor. Every time I would see that actor in some role I thought, haha, Shazam in an RV!

But, I had the wrong guy in mind. Well after I read that article you linked to, I tried to recall the actor who I thought played that role. I could not remember his name. In fact, absent of him playing Billy Batson, I had no idea what movie or TV shows he was in.

Well, I remembered his name. And, I looked it up on the IMdB.

Then about fifteen minutes ago, I ran across this.

Now, one thing that is more important than anything: I listen to NPR once in a while but I rarely go to the site. So, it is odd that in two days I find an interesting story and an uninteresting story that ties into a slightly interesting story of mine.

Turns out that I even missed the rumors that he was dead. I remember the Adam Rich is dead rumors and of course Abe Vigoda but I almost completely forgot about him, except when I thought of Saturday Morning SHAZAM!.