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Russell Willis On Why Won’t You Cover My Book?
posted October 23, 2012

I'm wondering if you could help me out. I've sent a couple of emails to you about the Hunt Emerson iPad collection we've released and yet it appears that this isn't newsworthy for the TCR. (On the assumption I'm sending emails to the right address!)

For me, a unique 200 page retrospective of one of the world's foremost cartoonists would merit a line somewhere, but it appears that this isn't the case, and I'm just wondering how this can be so.

If you could give me any pointers here, I'd appreciate it. Is Hunt Emerson completely unknown in the US?


Tom Spurgeon Responds: That's right, I've never heard of Hunt Emerson. Thank you for informing me. It's not that I have a publishing column that's run the same day every week for two years, and that news like this at best goes in the next publishing column as I assemble it, and that if you'd worry about doing your job more than telling me how to do mine you'd know how news like this gets disseminated. It's clearly that no one in America has ever head of Hunt Emerson.

Here's a pointer. Any item of news where it's someone essentially advertising a product they're selling, no matter how great the artist is -- and Hunt Emerson is a great artist -- should never engender an indignant follow-up. It's news to you because this is something you're selling. It's news to me because he's a great artist and this is a worthy project.

I appreciate your passion in selling your item, but come on. Take a step back there.