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Andi Watson on Top 100 With Rankings
posted November 29, 2004

Andi Watson
via the Internet

There's no reason why you would want to answer my or anyone else's questions about your list but a few entries, I thought, were interesting.

* Akira, starts great then goes pear shaped?

* L'Autoroute du soleil. I can see the interest from a critical angle, BDmeets manga in talented hands. Feels a little superficial though, even in comparison with what little translated stuff we have from him, like Road To America?

Otherwise I was glad to see Nausicaa and King Cat make it in there and L'Ascension pleasingly high.

Tom Spurgeon Responds: Hi, Andi. Both of those books are of a handful of works on the list, including Krazy Kat, I think, and the Fantastic Four run, that are there less because of their more standard literary values and more because they have a certain quality to them that can't be duplicated elsewhere or in other media. The unfortunate thing is I'm not yet a good enough critic to put into words what I mean by that feeling, and I could be totally full of crap. I'm afraid that's not a very good answer, is it?