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Dave Merrill On The Current State Of The Anime Industry As It Might Inform Manga
posted November 7, 2012

Not to take anything away from Aki-Con -- I'm sure it's a fun show and everything -- but using it to judge the state of the anime market in North America, or the state of the manga industry in North America, or using that ComicsForge blog post as an indicator of anything other than one vendor's experience at a mid-sized regional pop culture convention is probably trying to extrapolate a conclusion from far too little data.

Sure, it's a difficult time for the anime industry - they sell DVDs, it's not rocket science to figure out they'd be in trouble. Like the manga industry they're transitioning part of their business away from physical media and into streaming, digital device delivery, and other revenue streams.

I would venture to say, however, that with the titles published by Vertical, D&Q and others, we are seeing more significant, high-quality manga available in the North American market than we ever have before. Whether the attendees and vendors of Aki-Con are aware of this is anybody's guess.