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Bob Greenberger On The Mark Waid Interview
posted January 13, 2013

Yesterday's conversation was thoughtful and insightful, contemporary and necessary reading for all. Well done.

Currently, I am tripping down memory lane, researching a piece for Back Issue on the Bonus Book program and New Talent Showcase and I am given to reflect on how different DC is today from back then. Mark mentioned it in the piece and Karl Kesel reinforced it in a conversation yesterday, the Go To guy for creative input was Dick Giordano. Karen, early in her career, Mark, and myself all sent artists to see Dick when we knew there was artistic issue but lacked the vocabulary to communicate.

Today, there's really no one at DC that free to drop everything and talk to an artist, largely because the artists rarely come into the offices, either coast, since the talent pool is scattered.

Like Mark concluded, I reached the realization recently that what I can offer, DC eschews. My time there is likely over and it's a shame. I also wonder what the company's fortunes would be today had Mark actually received the role offered.

Anyway, congrats on the piece and keep in touch.