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Paul B. Rainey On This Site’s Review Of His Comic
posted February 6, 2013

Many thanks for the review of the second issue of my comic Thunder Brother: Soap Division. You should also have a copies of issues one and three while issue four is on its way to me from the printer as I write this. As a reminder, I post a new page from the strip every Sunday to my website. I started the seventh story last weekend. The way I work on TB:SD is I write and draw a page at a time, trying to make it as entertaining/interesting as possible baring in mind that it’s part of a larger story. The rule I have placed upon myself is that each episode is exactly twelve pages long (although I allow for the occasional two-part story). Because I write and draw a page at a time, it results in some thrilling seat-of-the-pants story telling for me. I fully expect for there to be some accelerating of the plot on the last page of an episode, as occasionally happened in early issues of the Lee/Kirby FF, at some point (although I try hard to avoid this and feel I have so far).

I think it's interesting that you found the reveal on the last page of the story boring. You may see why I think this if you stick with the strip (which I hope you will do). For me, the most fun thing about that page is Sally spinning around in her chair wondering if she can just leave as it is now 5 o'clock. (Although I feel that I could have drawn that panel much better).

You wonder how much room there is to explore the concept. Well, I'm committed to the strip for a few years yet and, having recently spent six years working on There's No Time Like The Present, (to be collected as a GN from Escape books, hopefully this year) I think I can do it. I know I'm obsessive/stupid enough to.