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Nicole Rudick On The Exchange Between Myself And Gary Groth Re: TCJ Gender Issues
posted March 4, 2013

I'm a big fan of your interviews -- they're always substantive and insightful -- and was eager to read the Gary Groth conversation. In some ways it doesn't disappoint. It's nice, for instance, to read a succinct appraisal of what's missing in some comics; that is, that the cartooning can be great, but if the story doesn't come together, then it throws off the whole project.

I was mightily disappointed, though, by his response to issues of gender disparity in TCJ #302. Say simply that he's gender blind when it comes to writing and subject matter strikes me as disingenuous and utterly avoids the issue. And it's a significant issue given that this is the second iteration of the print TCJ that has omitted women altogether. How is it that a 600-page doorstop can't make room for women cartoonists? I would have loved to read more on this in the interview. It's a subject that generally seems to get short shrift.

I hope all's well with you, and I'm looking forward to your next interview.