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Steve Lafler On The Gary Groth Sunday Interview
posted March 18, 2013

Enjoyed greatly the interview with Gary. You are in a good position to ask him a set of questions concerning his career, accomplishments and focus. I was hoping for more crass jokes, but that's just me.

It dovetails nicely with your reporting on the economic reality of comics. I encourage you to pursue this subject!

I'm reminded of a panel on I was on back at San Diego in the 90s on self publishing. It was on the tail end of Dave Sim's extending promotion of the whole self publishing ethos.

The guy who did a comic book called Burrito (if memory serves) and I were the only ones who showed up. We had a good convivial panel, well attended, until I mentioned that I ran a screen printing business by day to underwrite my publishing activities. The Burrito guy leans over and whispers, "Let's stick to the subject".

We proceeded to brawl over whether it was significant to mention that self publishing might need to be underwritten in some form. My co-panelist, whose name escapes me, wanted to paint a rosy picture. I thought it was only fair to bring in a bit of economic realism!

"Keep your day job/ Until your night job pay" --Robert Hunter, from the Garcia/Hunter song DAY JOB.