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Greg Vondruska On Megacon
posted April 8, 2013

Hope you are well. Enjoying the site, as always

I thought I'd send you some notes on Megacon, three weeks past, before I completely forget what the show was like. (It's mostly a note for you, and a few comics pals I sent it to as well, but if you want to throw it up on the site, that's fine, too.) I took my 8 year old son, Kevin. It was his first time at a big show.

One of our favorite tables was Archie writer/artist Craig Boldman. He had a great book of sketch cards drawn on his iPad. Kevin loves Johnny Depp movies and we got an Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Mad Hatter and several other Charlie and the Chocalate factory characters . They were prints on nice, thick stock. Craig had all the Dr. Whos as well and I got a card of the 2nd Dr., Patrick Troughton. I also got a lovely watercolor of Archie, Betty and Veronica sharing a chocolate shake for a mere $30. It was framed, too. As a bonus, Craig did a nice quick sketch of Jughead for us. We went back to Craig's table many times.

As you know, Megacon is mostly a cosplay show now. Lots of Stormtroopers, etc. Saturday was insanely packed. All the Star Trek: Next Generation actors were on hand with Patrick Stewart being the big draw. I only managed a glimpse of Lou Ferrigno.

There were quite a few comics folks there as well. Darwin Cooke, Jimmy Palmiotti, etc. Lots of talent signing at the HERO booth. I spoke to artist Mike Perkins and got the Northstar wedding book he drew. Nice art, Perkins is one of my favorite mainstream artists, but I wasn't crazy about the story. There were a few Northstar back stories as well, reprints from previous X books, that didn't give any substantial info about their relationship. I was hoping for more, I guess. George Perez was signing at the HERO booth as well at the time we stopped by.

Neal Adams was at the show as well. We stopped by the table and looked at the prints. Kevin was impressed by one of the painted Tarzan prints Neal did in the early '80s. That was cool because I had one of those Tarzan portfolios that Adams did. Oh yeah, there was a sign there "Photo with Neal for $20." I could be wrong, but I don't recall seeing Neal at the HERO booth. Neal did have some quick head sketches for $100 as well. They were nice.

One of the best stops we had was with Steve Conley. He's done a lot of stuff, but now he's doing Kevin was really into it and so was I. I got the attached print. Simply gorgeous. Steve did an incredible drawing for me on the cover of his sketchbook comic. Looked like a $100 drawing for $20.It was Cerebus and Bloop.

There were some great finds mixed in with the $5 manga boxes, such as: collections of Ted McKeever, a book by Carol Swain and a lush hardcover book by TopShelf, who's title escapes me. Also, I scored Ed Piskor's Wizzywig for a mere $5 as well. Oh, and some Lone Wolf and Cub books for $2 a pop. A friend of mine found the show lacking in well priced silver books, saying that many were being sold for over guide value. I didn't get to look at that stuff much, but my friend was disappointed.

All in all, we had a good time. There was a huge Lego area where we spent A LOT of time. The cosplay was out of this world and there's a lot of inappropriately dressed girls. A bit too much for young eyes. We did find a crew of fantastic Alice in Wonderland cosplayers which Kevin really loved. I'd say my son's favorite things, other than the Legos, were Craig Boldman's cards/art, finding a World of Warcraft Monopoly set (we don't play Warcraft, but we're Monopoly players), the cosplay and just wandering around artists alley. Kevin had a keen interest in one young lady who painted cats in a renaissance style. Complete with period costumes.

The best thing for me, though, was a week later when Kevin asked about going back next year...(and even was disappointed that we had to wait a year! 'nuff said.)