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Charles Orr on Rocketship Signing
posted February 19, 2006

I was lucky enough to attend the rocketship "opening" last night and it was great. The thing that sticks in my mind was the fact that the pages on the wall (rocketship always have examples of the original art from the work being celebrated) had not a drop of white-out anywhere. I'm sure you've seen tons of pages in your time, and they almost always have tons of corrections -- white out, whole panels being pasted on top of others etc. -- but these examples were clean as a whistle. All three Sammy, Kevin, and Anders, where pretty much untouched. I asked Huizenga about this and he diffused my awe by telling me that he makes all of his corrections in Photoshop, still...

On a completely different subject the KCRW show, Bookworm has a couple of comics shows archived that your readers might enjoy...

1. Peter Maresca and Art Spiegelman Little Nemo in Slumberland: Splendid Sundays 1905-1910

2. John Carlin and Art Spiegelman Masters of American Comics
both are very good, thourough interviews. This show rules, and has the weirdest theme song ever.