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Chris Allen On San Diego And Craft Beers
posted May 9, 2013

Good for you (and Melrose) to pick up on this. Yes, over the past decade craft breweries have cropped up all over San Diego County. It seems to me similar to the '90s Seattle grunge scene, except instead of rare 7" singles, you have rare one-off collaborations between two breweries that you can only find in certain brewpubs. I can name several bars that have multiple pages of beers on tap. Sometimes there are the equivalent of variant covers for comics, where a certain beer is aged in, say, a bourbon barrel, for a different taste, that you can only find in one pub. It’s increasingly rare here for even big franchise restaurants like Chili's or Islands not to carry at least a few local craft beers like Stone or Ballast Point. It makes it difficult for someone like my visiting stepdad, who just wants a "Miller Genuine."