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Aaron Renier On A Pair Of Forthcoming Events Because I Couldn’t Figure Out His Links (PR)
posted July 25, 2013

Contact: Aaron Renier 920-676-­1153


On display at the MCA Saturday July 27th, 10 am-5 pm

Museum of Contemporary Art

220 East Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

Live Performance / Reading at Brain Frame Sunday, July 28th, 6 pm


3221 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL

Organized by the Chicago cartoonist collective Trubble Club, The Infinite Corpse picks up where RAW's The Narrative Corpse left off. Inspired by the Surrealist's Exquisite Corpse drawing game, the Art Spiegleman and R. Sikoryak edited book had some of the top artists of the 90s drawing three comic panels in response to one another. Trubble Club has taken it one step forward, combining the structure of that book with the limitlessness of the internet, and the result is a sprawling, branching, surreal choose­your­own­adventure story, where each artist supplies the next narrative choice to make.

At its launch on May 6th 2013, it had 205 contributors. Two months later it has added nearly a hundred new contributions from visitors all around the world, including Art Spiegelman, Edie Fake, Renee French, Lilli Carre, Pen Ward, Dave Cooper, Carson Ellis, Carol Tyler, Alison Bechdel and Ivan Brunetti. In addition to the current impressive list of talent, The Infinite Corpse has a constant open call for submissions, allowing and encouraging anyone who is interested in making comics to contribute.

"Unlike its Surrealist precedent, [The Infinite Corpse] harnesses the energy and inexhaustibility of the internet being limitless in duration... The artists working with and within Trubble Club create something from nothing using drafting skills and imagination. The web is their launch pad and home base, and it greases the wheels of their work." -- Thea Liberty Nichols,