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Matthew Southworth On The July 30 Postings At The Comics Reporter
posted July 31, 2013

Just wanted to drop you a line and say that I particularly enjoyed CR today. There are often days I don't get to read as carefully as I'd like, and even today I haven't had much time, but today's posts were particularly effective and reasonable, in my opinion.

I particularly liked your commentary on BEFORE WATCHMEN, which I think we've discussed's not a project I cared much about with the exception of being a big Darwyn fan and with the exception that I think Alan Moore deserves nothing but respect from both the comics fan community and the industry itself. In other words, I'm torn between disappointment and apathy--I'm not in the least surprised DC would exploit the characters, and I find that sort of corporate thinking icky, but at the same time, I think boycotts are often empty gestures that do more to bolster the feelings of pride in the participants than to change the actions of those they're boycotting.

Anyway, that's all to say that I felt like you really crystallized just about everything I've felt about the BW thing. That the comics community is so bent on staking out ground and defending a stance that we rarely discuss or explore much of anything effectively. And particularly your comment that the comics industry is soaked in exploitation, and that we should discuss (no, discuss, I mean really discuss) how that applies to all the publishers, from Marvel to Oni to Fantagraphics, and how it affects the art we consume (and produce). I think that's a pretty big topic, one that encompasses all our entertainment these days...and that even in discussing this sort of thing online, we're allowing our "work" to be exploited by the ISP, who makes a lot of money by providing a portal to bazillions of gigabytes of free entertainment in the form of bloggers, pundits, artists, etc., all begging for attention. It's a troubling paradigm based on the exploitative idea that SOMEONE is going to make some money of off all this, and it's likely not going to be the producers of the entertainment...

Anyway, big topics, big stuff to think about and discuss. I appreciate your thoughtfulness (and your update on S Clay Wilson's condition, which I find chilling) in exploring bigger questions than whether Power Girl's tits are too big or whether The Wolverine is a box-office disappointment or some other such bullshit. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to talking to you again sometime soon--