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Craig Fischer On What The Strange Photo Was
posted August 5, 2013

I just read CR for this Monday morning, and in the "Random Comics News Story Round-Up," you have an item listed as "I don't know what this is either." Weirdly enough, I do. It's a still from Survival, a mid-'80s cable public access TV show produced in Winnepeg by Guy Maddin and future Maddin producer Greg Klymkiw. Survival was a satirical talk show, hosted by oddly-masked dudes with (mostly) dubbed-in voices, who offered listeners advice about how to survive the coming collapse of society. Survival's post-apocalyptic wasteland was supposedly going to be inhabited by dangerous pus-riddled mutants, so in one segment the hosts complained about the pro-mutant propaganda of the X-Men comic. You can see a long clip from Survival here.

The screed against The X-Men starts at about the six-minute mark. Funny and unsettling -- just like all of Maddin's work.